The Joy and Ease of Straightening Your Teeth

December 4, 2021



The Joy and Ease of Straightening Your Teeth – There are a lot of aspects of people’s physical traits that are genetic.  If someone is tall, it may be because their grandfather was tall or their mother is tall.  You may be a family of redheads.

Oral health and bone structure are no different.  There are lifestyle decisions that can exacerbate crooked teeth, but a lot of time it’s “luck of the draw”.  You may even have some siblings within a family that have straight teeth and other siblings that need orthodontic treatment.

At Grosso Family Dentistry, Dr. Frank Grosso and Dr. Katie Grosso have a lot of experience with Invisalign clear aligners.  Invisalign can be used for crowded teeth, gaps, overbites, underbites, crossbites, etc.

Invisalign already has 11 million customers, and sometimes within weeks of placement, patients can see positive results.  3-D scans are used to create the perfect fit for the aligner.  Some of the benefits of Invisalign, as opposed to traditional braces, are that they fit perfectly over your teeth, it is generally a more predictable outcome, and best of all, they are discreet and transparent.

Straightening or re-aligning your teeth has never been so easy.  When, after a few weeks or months, patients start seeing a difference, it can change their life forever.  As you see with dental implant patients, Invisalign patients seem to smile a lot more after their treatment.  The Academy of General Dentistry conducted a survey showing that 96 percent of respondents believe a smile is important to a person’s general appearance.  Smiling more confidently may increase a patient’s success and happiness.  There are even therapeutic and stress-relieving benefits to smiling more often.

Traditional braces may at times be uncomfortable and not discreet, unlike Invisalign or other clear aligners.  One good aspect of traditional braces is that they won’t get lost.  They remain affixed to the patient’s teeth at all times.  Although Invisalign aligners can be lost or damaged when removed from the mouth, with braces the patient will need to make sure no food is stuck between the braces and teeth.  This could cause bacteria to severely and negatively impact the oral health of the patient.

More and more insurance companies are covering Invisalign treatments.  This is bringing the cost of this option closer to the cost of braces.  Grosso Family Dentistry is well known for being able to walk patients through all orthodontic options for residents of Frederick County and Carroll County, especially in the Sykesville and Eldersburg communities.  In addition, the process is seamless in most cases.

The iTero or other 3D scanner is used to create digital images of the structure of the patient’s mouth.  In past decades, dentists would almost always use the painstaking and sometimes unpleasant method of taking a physical impression.  After the software provides the doctor with information about what is needed, the Invisalign printing process will create the aligner.  Invisalign has been used successfully with patients of all ages.

There is usually only possible discomfort in the first few days using each new set of aligners.  One of the greatest benefits of Invisalign, however, is you are really able to eat or drink whatever you like and you are able to remove the aligner and brush and floss frequently.  Dr. Katie Grosso and Dr. Frank Grosso will walk you through the process during a consultation.

Having a great smile can mean so many things.  It can help engage someone socially and land that dream job.  If your teeth are straight and not crowded, it could mean better bone strength and overall health.  There’s just something that feels right when one is able to smile.

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© 2021 Grosso Family Dentistry. All Rights Reserved. Designed by CREATIVE DIGITAL EXPERTS